Alan Chapman

Alan Chapman



The first step will be a an immediate presentation of Magia with a period silence, followed by a talk that will be appropriate on the day. The talk is a test of faith, the first step of any real magic, and the beginning of making a space for the impossible to happen. I do not know what I will say, but I do not have to in order to deliver what has to be said. The words will not be mine, but they are meant for you.

A question and answer period with participants will come next, before we dive into a guided introduction to Magia Unbinding Practice.


Alan Chapman is the author of Magia and founder of a new branch of the Arcanum Arcanorum. You can find his work, including a load of free audio, at

Other books include Advanced Magick for Beginners and The Baptist’s Head Trilogy. Alan does an occassional podcast with Duncan Barford called WORP FM. You can find it here: