Andrea Galad

Andrea Galad



The center of Andrea’s research revolves around the concept of Eros and Tanathos.┬áThe balance and the conflict between the two and the final fusion, where Love and Loss become a powerful state and a creative force.

The passion for art history, classical mythology, occult sciences and victorian literature gave him inspiration to create images filled with silent echoes and antique narratives thus creating his iconic style.

Astrology has been the latest source of answers and inspiration for the artist, and his series ” Planetarium ” is an allegorical representation of the celestial bodies defining the old and new astrology.


Andrea Galad is a photographer based in Berlin.

He grew up in a spiritual yet scientific family, where quantum physics and metaphysics went hand in hand, and topics as meditation, the after life and astral projections were on the agenda.

Focused on a dancer career he never stopped creating images for his own sake, and the knowledge of dance combined with his love for the supernatural will shape his artistic style, portraying bodies that vibrate with power and mystery.