Andy Aquarius

Andy Aquarius

Andy Aquarius Mittelformat square

Celtic Harp Concert

Andy will perform a string of songs and instrumentals, starting with solar compositions and seamlessly guiding the listeners into the realms of nighttime. The concert will open a space that allows the settling of energies from the workshops & talks. Laying down on the ground is encouraged.


Andy Aquarius is a sonic alchemist and devotee of mystical folklore. Being a multi-instrumentalist and exploring a wide range of genres, he laid out the path ahead with his debut album ‘Chapel’, which only features his Celtic harp and voice. The record takes you on a ‘transcendental journey through the outer realms of ambient, classical, new age, and folk music.’ (-Alex Ruder, Hush Hush/KEXP). Andy’s live performances are of a peaceful simplicity and thick atmosphere, putting all the intent towards a sincere delivery of his bucolic canticles and meandering instrumentals.