Annsofie Jonsson

Annsofie Jonsson


The Saturnian Travel Kit

The Saturnian Travel kit was developed by Annsofie Jonsson in the summer of 2020 as part of a Saturnian working period to be used as tools for entering, exploring, and exiting the gates of Saturn and the chaos realm beyond.

She used them herself in ritual work, as meditation focus points during astral travels.

The six round paintings are gates, entry, and exit points, and were inspired by elemental energy and symbolism as well as the two biggest moons of Saturn, Titan, and Rhea.

Together the six paintings are a personal interpretation of Saturn by the artist.


Annsofie Jonsson is a Berlin-based Swedish artist and a long-time practitioner of magick.

In her artistic practice, she uses techniques from occultism and magick, such as meditation, visualization, and sex magick, to induce hypnagogic states.

She has a pragmatic and psychological view on using these techniques.

She has a master’s degree in Culture, Media, and Esthetics, which she obtained at Malmö University in Sweden.

She has been a member of Studio Baustelle, an art collective in Neukölln since 2018, and there she works with her art, curates exhibitions, and participates in festivals and events with the other members to show her own work.