Batuhan Bintas

Batuhan Bintas 

Batuhan Bintas

Cyber Alchemy: Crafting the Philosopher Stone with Digital Technologies

“Any sufficiently advance technology is indistinguishable from magic”

“Magic is science, yet to be understood”

In the age we live in, what we call as magic is becoming part of our daily lives, reality.

We are cocreating a new dimension, yet we don’t call this a new reality, rather we call it the internet.

We are capable of sending our thoughts to the otherside of the planet through this dimension, yet we don’t call this digital telepathy, rather we call it WhatsApp, Messenger etc.

We open portals into this new dimension and step into it, yet we don’t call this portalmancing, rather it’s called virtual reality.

We are summoning new creatures into existence that inhabit this dimension, yet we don’t call this summoning. We call it artificial intelligence

This intelligence is now so potent that we are even thinking of bringing people back from death, or even overcoming death, if such a thing even possible…

This new dimension the internet is now becoming global hive mind, a collective consciousness that is cocreated by every single one of us.

Alchemist from all around the world and ages have worshipped in their sanctuary; the mind. The pillar of alchemy “all is mind, universe is mental” is now being programmed. Computer brain interfaces that can read our thoughts can now generate digital worlds in VR; hence prove the pillar of alchemy and help us practice it in cyber realms.

All these achievements are the dream of an ancient alchemist. The journey towards alchemizing the Philosopher Stone has taken a new ride in the cyber realms.

Future was yesterday

Tomorrow is most beautiful dreams we ever thought of

And reality we live in is about to get even more magical

Most magical practitioners don’t consider digital technology as part of magic itself, but we must remember:

As above so below

As within so without

As the universe, so the soul


Batuhan is a kickass Cyber Alchemist who uses modern day lab tools such as AI, Blockchain and XR technologies to alchemize cyberdelic experiences.


He is the founder of Imaginatrix, a London based tech company that expands imagination through CyberSpace. The company’s first product Cyber Mushroom is an online psychedelic playground where Psychonauts can meet each other holographically, attend events, experience / share / design / distribute Cyberdelics, grow digital mushrooms as NFTs and upload their trip reports in the form of Virtual Reality experiences. This psychedelic playground is a library of psychedelic trip reports, shared through Virtual Reality technologies!