Copenhagen Occult Club

Copenhagen Occult Club

Copenhagen Occult Club

Sacred ceremony of the dark feminine

This transformative and inspiring event will be an exploration and celebration of the profound energy of the Dark Feminine. Our understanding of the “Dark Feminine” encompasses the archetypal embodiment of taboo elements within existence, such as death, transformation, sexuality, and chaos—facets that are often marginalized or concealed within us.

The event aims to create a safe and supportive space for participants to delve into the mysteries of the Dark Feminine, allowing for personal growth, healing, and empowerment.

The event will be divided into two distinct parts, each designed to offer a unique and enriching experience. In the first segment, we will engage in an introductory exploration of the Dark Feminine. Participants will be introduced to the symbolism and archetypes associated with this powerful energy. Moreover, practical guidance will be shared on how to engage with the Dark Feminine in their daily lives.

The second part of the event will feature a collective ceremony, meticulously crafted as a beautiful ritual. This ceremonial experience will be a focal point of the event, allowing participants to immerse themselves fully in the energies of the Dark Feminine. During this sacred ceremony, we will collectively connect with the potent energies of wrath, sexuality, and transformation.

The ritual will be conducted with reverence and sensitivity, honoring the diversity of participants’ beliefs and experiences. It will offer a unique opportunity for attendees to connect with their own inner depths and the collective unconscious. By communing with the Dark Feminine in this transformative ritual, attendees can gain insights, and find empowerment in embracing all aspects of themselves.

We believe that the Dark Feminine holds profound wisdom and power, waiting to be tapped into for personal transformation and growth. By confronting and integrating our shadow aspects, we can unlock the hidden potential within us and embrace our wholeness.


The Copenhagen Occult Club is a manifestation of Mariia and Mai’s shared vision—a vision of fostering a vibrant occult community in their beloved hometown. At the heart of this endeavor lies a primary goal and aspiration: to cultivate a space where knowledge is freely shared, inspiration is kindled, and meaningful discussions are sparked. Their aim is to create an open and inclusive environment, where individuals from diverse backgrounds can come together to learn, grow, and evolve collectively.

Since its establishment in May 2022, the club has been hosting monthly events, drawing in a community of 20-40 participants each time. These gatherings serve as opportunities for enriching experiences, fostering connections, and nurturing personal development. Rooted in a firm believe that by creating a platform for mutual exchange, everyone can contribute their unique perspectives, thereby facilitating collective growth and learning.

Mariia Snebjørk Damkjær, the founder of COC, is a tarot reader, writer, occult nerd, event organizer, multi-creative designer, and intuitive entrepreneur. She entwines tarot, esoteric traditions, and design on her occult journey, approaching life’s enigmas with candid insight, tough love, and a dark sense of humor. Rejecting rigid rules or absolute truths, Mariia also serves as the in-house tarot witch of the occult shop, La Diosa in Copenhagen.

Mai Ulrikka Sydendal, co-founder of COC, is a practicing witch who delves into the heart of animism, forming a profound connection with the spirits pulsing through the natural world. As an artist and punk singer, she bridges her down-to-earth energy with fiery punk spirit. As a ceremonial guide, she leads seekers on transformative journeys, transcending the gap between the mundane and the magical. Besides The Copenhagen Occult Club, Mai is part of the spiritual publisher Moon Herb Magic and the occult shop, La Diosa in Copenhagen.

Together, Mariia and Mai are radiant beacons of mysticism, each carving a unique path through the arcane and the artistic. Their journeys intertwine in the vast cosmos, where tarot cards whisper ancient truths, punk anthems echo in the astral planes, and art becomes the language of the soul.

IG: @copenhagenoccultclub