Cynthia Montier & Ophélie Naessens

Cynthia Montier & Ophélie Naessens


Spell tellers

“Spell tellers” explores the links between technologies, affects and spirituality through divination devices to spatialize places for connection, interaction and sharing, as well as renewed modalities of contestation and protest.

The performance consists of a system of non-divinatory reading based on a rune draw.

Based on a principle of individual consultation or public reading, the device activated provides readings intertwining magic, art and resistance in socially engaged contexts.


Cynthia Montier & Ophélie Naessens are a duo of artist-researchers.

They imagine and experiment with participatory and performative forms navigating between art, activism and magic.

Together, they are interested in mediation and transmission of knowledge and practices – ritual pedagogies –, as well as the place of spirituality in artistic, vernacular and militant practices.

Their working methodology is based on narrative, geological and esoteric survey protocols around communities, territories, objects and practices.