Danny Nemu

Danny Nemu

Danny Nemu

Trance Conjuration: Evoking a Spirit with Hypno-Magick

Many think that hypnosis is about giving away control of your mind, but the truth is that your mind is already being manipulated constantly, in the supermarket and on social media, via politics and the poetry of a lover – wherever we communicate. More powerful even than marketing and media are the forces that drive our behaviour while usually remaining completely hidden. In arcane language they are called demons.

We can take back control and our autonomy to choose by entering into dialogue with these forces. Combining hypnosis with Grimoire magick, we can explore their natures and negotiate with them. We can explain how we want to work with them and enter into agreements. Working in harmony with these forces rather than against them, we move towards mastery of ourselves and control of our destiny.
Join Danny Nemu for a journey to the temple between your temples, where we will call in the guardians and cast a secure circle before evoking a spirit into the Triangle of Art.


Danny Nemu is a hypnotist, mind-hacker and independent researcher on a mission to democratise trance and unleash the powers of the mind unfettered. He is the author of Science Revealed, about revelation and discovery in science, and Neuro-Apoclaypse, about linguistics, psychology and neurobiology. He lives in Hastings with three white rats and his mind.