David Beth

David Beth


The Black Man of the Witches Sabbath

Witchfather, emissary of the Devil, the Devil himself, the Black Man of the Sabbath has been called many names but often eludes exact identification and remains one of the greatest mysteries not only of witchcraft but occultism in general. In this presentation David Beth will evoke the figure of the Black Man through a variety of sources as well as personal experience as an initiate in order to demonstrate this evasive figure’s central role in leading the daring adept into a state called night-consciousness.    


David Beth was born and raised in Africa, living all over the world in service of the spirits. He was initiated as a priest of Haitian Vodou (Houngan Asogwe) in Port au Prince, Haiti and is the current Heresiarch of the Kosmic Gnosis – an esoteric current focused on chthonic mysteries and magic. University educated in Germany and the USA, David is also the co-founder of esoteric press Theion Publishing. He has lectured and published his writings internationally.