David Beth

David Beth

David Beth Berlin

Where Power Dwells: Pwen as locus of spiritual power and its use in Haitian Vodou

In this presentation, David Beth will discuss the Vodou concept of Pwen, a point or accumulator of spiritual force. Central to the complex world of Haitian Vodou, a pwen can be encountered in the natural world, in a person or a magical object and may manifest benevolent or baneful power. To identify, create and manipulate pwen is one of the great abilities of the initiates of Vodou and an integral part of their spiritual and magical work.


David Beth was born and raised in Africa and lived all over the world in service of the mysteries. He was initiated as a priest of Haitian Vodou (Houngan Asogwe) in Port au Prince, Haiti and is the current Heresiarch of the Kosmic Gnosis – an esoteric current focused on tellurian and chthonic mysteries. David is also the co-founder of esoteric press Theion Publishing and has lectured and published his writings internationally.