Dolorosa de la Cruz

Dolorosa de la Cruz

Dolorosa de la Cruz

Magnificent Atavism

This presentation of vital and vibrant esoteric art from Dolorosa de la Cruz presents a multifaceted view of the sacred and the sublime, in which forms – both alluring and arresting – weave and delineate threads which run core throughout a variety of occult traditions. Bathed in moonlight are offerings to vibrant and vital visions of the divine feminine, in one glimpse a dark and terrible goddess is beheld in awful beauty; at another glance, an expanse of emptiness may bear witness to the very queen of heaven herself. The medium of art yields the result of ritual, an illustration of initiation. Inspiration as divination, intuition as strength, experience as alchemy, and abstraction as a great ocean into which all words are dissolved: Dolorosa’s work is above all a devotional practice, a visceral communion with living spirits underscored by its own logic. As the words of Austin Osman Spare have stated, “the Law of sorcery is its own Law, using sympathetic symbol.


Her Art is an ongoing enquiry into spiritual, magical and esoteric matters, throught the female sensibility.
Influences are far and wide from mythology to surrealism, alchemy, literature, poetry and the occult.

Dolorosa’ s work has been exhibited in Dublin, London, New York, Seattle, Portland, Brussels, Poland and Chile. It has also been published in several contemporary occult and art Journals and books.

In addition to her work as an artist, Dolorosa is active in art education and co-curates shows with Gallery X in Dublin.