Emma Watkinson

Emma Watkinson


Archetypal Mythology & the Magick of Art

Esoteric Art draws upon the mythology from many traditions to explore human consciousness .

Working with archetypes in the imaginal realm and artistic practice activates powerful forces within the psyche that can initiate healing and transformation .

This can be relevant both for the microcosm of the individual and the macrocosm of the collective unconscious .

Emma traces the history of esoteric mythology in Art from around the world, and shares her own paintings and inspiration within that context .
Journeying through Ancient Egypt , Kabbalah , Alchemy and the Tarot, Greek mythology , mysticism ( Blake ), Indigenous Amazonian culture and Druidic folklore , Hinduism and Buddhism .

Exploring the movements of Surrealism , its influence of modern psychotherapy , Jungian concepts of synchronicity , archetypes and the unconscious , and Fantastic Realism ( she trained with one of the founders , Ernst Fuchs )

Investigating how all these streams of influence have become integrated in the modern contemporary visionary art movement , and contribute to the evolving consciousness and culture of our times.


Emma is a Fantastic Realist contemporary fine art oil painter , born on Dartmoor, Devon , now living in Sussex, U.k .

Her inspiration comes from her explorations in consciousness and esoteric study.

She is inspired by meditations on the archetypes of mythology , designed to activate powerful forces in the psyche for healing and transformation . This can be relevant both for her individual journey and as a synchronistic reflection of the wider collective unconscious , and can be prophetic or divinatory .

She is a longstanding member of the Order of Bards , Ovates & Druids , and the Triratna buddhist order , has studied the 13 moon mystery school , Kabbalah , The Golden Dawn system , the Centre of Applied Jungian studies , and practices Chi Gung. .

After completing a Diploma in Fine Art & Design she spent many years traveling , exploring the spiritual traditions of different cultures around the world.

She assisted Ernst Fuchs (one of the founders of Fantastic Realism) in 2012 in Vienna , and trained on courses in oil painting in Italy & Austria . She also attended the London School of Representational Art , and online courses with the Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art .

Her art has been exhibited widely at festivals, gallerys & museums internationally in America , Australia , Spain , France , Austria & the U.k for the last 15 years.

She is also a musician , singer / songwriter & Flute player.