Esther Limones

Esther Limones

Esther Limones

A Macabre Game

Her creations represent a macabre game between Good and Evil, with Love and Hate as the
guiding thread. She directs the scene towards erotic, sensual and, consequently, sexual acts,
although that part is reserved, only to the most curious minds.
Her women enjoy and get drunk with emotional freedom and containing a
great variety of internal conflicts such as suffering, envy, temptation, provocation and the end of
life (death). It could be said that the characters possess and proudly show the charms of sin, so
much that they turn it into a scene overflowing with romanticism and cruelty.


At the age of 16 she began her studies at the School of Art “La Palma”, getting the
Higher Degree Module of Applied Arts in Sculpture.
In an almost self-taught way, she begins to develop her work in the field of painting, engraving
and photocollage. She dedicates her work to the introspection of the dreams and desires of the
human mind. During her career, she is very influenced by great artists such as Otto Dix, Max
Ernst, Ignacio de Zuloaga and Zabaleta, Julio Romero de Torres and Frida Kahlo.