Ewa Lidtke

Ewa Lidtke (Laughing Macaw)

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Dance of the elements

At the exhibition, Ewa will present a selection of her artworks, made mainly in the acrylic technique on paper or cardboard, in A2, A3, A4 formats. She will choose about 30 works related to the broadly understood occult and magick.


A free spirit, incarnated in human form, from early childhood, Ewa ventured along the peripheries of mainstream society, delving into shadows and altered states of consciousness, seeking to grasp the intangible – the magical and the mystical realms beyond marginal reality.

By rejecting the religions of faith, Ewa at the same time searches for the divine elements associated with the Absolute and its traces in various cultures. She is especially interested in what can be dark and repressed, like chthonic cults, as well as their relationship with femininity.

By experiencing the feminine as a manifestation of Mother Earth in relation to life and death, Ewa is interested in overcoming dualisms and limitations imposed by gender perception and centuries of discrimination through male domination and patriarchal social relationships.

In her research in the spiritual realm, in meditative, shamanic and magical practices, as well as in her artworks in which she encounters darkness and what is repressed, repulsed and rejected, and by transgressing taboos and social norms, Ewa finds the key to liberating the spirit and understanding who and what we really are.

Creativity and art are an integral part of Ewa┬┤s journey, where she boldly walks through trance, meditation, witchcraft, shamanism, occultism, symbolism and entheogens. And all this meets in her works with her inherent sense of humor .

Only there, after crossing the curtain of illusion, after illuminating the path with the light of awareness, can we meet our higher self.

Ewa has been tattooing professionally for over 20 years. In addition, for many years, Ewa has been studying Tarot cards, and her readings are characterized by deep insight.

She organizes witch circles with love and devotion and conducts rituals, initiations and shamanic ceremonies. Following the path of the heart and constantly collecting the experiences that the universe generates abundantly, she integrates them with her own solutions and ideas.

She tries to connect her knowledge and practice with all areas of life, and she derives the greatest joy from sharing it with others.