Frederic Arbour

Frederic Arbour

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Visions – Temples live A/V 

VISIONS is the solo work of France based Canadian Frederic Arbour.


Established in 2004, his first album “Lapse” (2005) was released via Cyclic Law. A 10” ep “Celestial Sphere” followed in 2006 on Angle.Rec. and a second album “Summoning The Void”

In 2010 (Cyclic Law). 2018 saw the birth of a unique collaboration album with Russia’s Shamanic Ritual act PHURPA titled “Monad” (Cyclic Law) and in 2019 he released a new album titled “Temples” (Cyclic Law).

A new live A/V performance has also been created with long time friend and experimental film maker Karl Lemieux (Live film projectionist for God Speed You Black Emperor) with a focus on analog 16mm film experiments.

Frederic is also head of the Cyclic Law, Cavsas and Aesthetical record labels, as well as 1/2 of electronic project STÄRKER and also works solo as PURGATE.