Freek Wallagh

Freek Wallagh

Freek Wallagh

Creatures, Secrets & Super Freaks: the tale of Urban Royalty

Starting his Urban Royalty project over 10 years ago, Wallagh has gathered an immense collection of riveting tales. Urban Royalty is a poetic performance, blending the line between fact and mythology, while celebrating the lives of those who give our cities their enduring energy. His research has brought him across the globe, collecting stories from Amsterdam to Tehran and Manchester to Casablanca. As Wallagh tries to show, there is something truly magical about the intricate weave of fascinating individuals that make up the alternative scenes. Nightlife isn’t just a chance to unwind, it offers a unique sense of connection in a way that’s truly divine. His poetry is inspired by Jewish mysticism and ancient mythology, offering an interesting cocktail of classic tales and alternative culture.


Freek Wallagh is a poet, painter, activist and political scientist. Last march, he got elected as Night Mayor of Amsterdam, acting as the face of Amsterdam nightlife. His work focusses on urban dynamics, nightlife and politics of the immaterial.

Born and raised in his beloved Amsterdam, Wallagh’s career started out in the local punk- and squat scene. Wallagh studied Political Science, followed by Arts, Culture & Politics at the University of Amsterdam. At the age of 15, he started interviewing artists, bartenders, musicians and sex workers in the Red Light District. He became active in the local anti-fascist movement as a teenager, and has been operating as an activist strategist ever since.
He now works as a writer and cultural organiser, hosting events throughout the city celebrating radical art. As Night Mayor, he tries to defend experimental, communitarian and underground nightlife in the context of a gentrifying city.