Gabriella Jeans

Gabriella Jeans


Manic Laughter Ensues

Obsessed with roots, portals and systems of information, Gabriella Jeans’ drawing process seeks further understanding of mysterious metaphysical structures.

Using contemporary pop references, theological allusions and automatic drawing, she views this type of art-making as a form of personal gnosis.

Whilst each piece is flat, constrained to the second dimension, they are often filled with eyes and strange beings, acknowledging her underlying belief in panpsychism; the consciousness that permeates each layer of reality.


Gabriella Jeans, alias hexehexler, is a multidisciplinary fine artist and eclectic witch.

After a series of terrifying yet liberating paranormal experiences in 2014, her life and art became entwined with the occult.

Jeans’ work collapses the boundaries of art and practical magick – she found her first coven via a sculpture she created and exhibited for this purpose (Otherworld, 2018).

Having since appeared in a documentary that was selected for the St Andrews film festival (The Moon Circle, 2019) she has work showing internationally.

For the past 3 years, she has been hosting public guerrilla rituals across London, with the intention of creating open magickal communities which inspire and empower (my website)

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