Stephanie Maria Catherina Smit

A New World

‘A New World’ is a divination performance where Giek_1 delves into a person’s soul, revealing their path in the material world. In the ‘5th Dimensional Tent’, she delves into higher realms, revealing celestial influences that provide insight into the life lessons, talents, and purpose behind the querents’ incarnation. Considering the dualistic state of Earth, it is crucial to understand our internal patterns. This involves studying the Mathematics of the Universe for each individual and combining it with channeled insights. By applying the logic from ancient Hermetic teachings, we can transform our struggles and connect with our higher selves. This higher self, the soul in connection with everything, will guide us towards personal transformation, fulfillment, and discovering our life purpose. The ultimate goal, as part of the ‘Reality Cult manifesto’, is to promote self-actualization by helping individuals find their role in the ongoing global transformation and evolution amid political and ecological crises.

Giek_1’s art, performances, and readings serve as a portal to uncover the hidden powers and profound metaphysical knowledge of the Universe. ‘Reality Cult’ rejects oppressive authority and empowers others to confront their personal boundaries by channeling different aspects of themselves from past lives. Through this transformative process, Giek_1 inspires individuals to embrace their uniqueness and discover their authentic identity. Additionally, Giek_1 aims to raise awareness of patterns or behaviors that may originate from trauma and assists in integrating shadow aspects from previous lives, ultimately guiding individuals closer to their true selves. This approach involves a shamanic-like ritualistic energy work that transcends ordinary consciousness, leading to catharsis and healing. Surrendering to the divine during this journey results in a cycle of death and rebirth, where individuals delve into their innermost world and realize the illusory nature of separation. This profound realization offers hope and strength amidst the confusion of our generation, ultimately prompting individuals to reexamine their own existence.

Fees are flexible based on a sliding scale, allowing individuals to contribute at a manageable level. The session can be customized to different levels of intensity and duration, ranging from a basic tarot reading to more in-depth options such as an astrology life purpose or past life reading, or even a complete theatrical ritualistic healing experience. Additionally, there is an option to book a group reading where she provides short, intuitive messages to each individual in a performative manner.


Giek_1 is a star traveler who explores the spiritual realm to channel art and insights that reveal the importance of reconnecting with the spirit world and embracing our true selves. In her current incarnation, she combines all her learned gifts from previous lifetimes to express herself as an interdisciplinary artist, performer, composer, poet, psychic, astrologer, occultist, and healer across various fields. Through her ‘Reality Cult’ she addressed themes like self-destruction, addiction, and the search for authenticity, spiritual awakening, and self-actualization through the Laws of the Universe. While her work may be challenging and thought-provoking, it ultimately serves as a tool to shift from a dual existence to higher dimensions of pure creation. Giek_1 manifests her own reality, sharing stories of hope and strength amidst the escapism and confusion of our generation. Through her raw and mind-expanding work, she transports her audience and querents to alternate realities, encouraging them to reconsider their own existence and promoting healing and self-love.

By embracing our true selves and our divine power, she believes we can manifest our dream life and attract like-minded individuals to co-create a New World. Utilizing her intuition, knowledge of ancient Hermetic teachings, understanding of astrology, tarot, transmutational work, past life regression, and energy healing, she leads humanity towards discovering and embracing their unique life purpose. By doing so, they will naturally attract their “soul tribe” and unite, collectively shaping the creation of a New World.