Hagen von Tulien

Hagen von Tulien


Journey Beyond – A chaos magic exploration of the Primal Void

Embark on an exploration of Chaos Magic and Chaoism, delving into the depths of the Primordial Void—the essence from which all creation emanates.

This profound experience allows you to grasp the essence of Chaos and its intricate connections to the universe. You will investigate how this fundamental force molds reality, enabling you to harness its unrefined energy for personal growth and magical practice.

Journey through time and diverse cultures to uncover the connections between Chaos Magic and ancient philosophies. Gain insights into how Chaoism draws inspiration from the ever-shifting currents of the universe, as reflected in timeless teachings such as Taoism, Gnostic thought, mythology, and more. Discover how these ancient concepts resonate with Chaos Magic, empowering practitioners to access a boundless wellspring of creativity.

Experience the transformative Neither-Neither meditation, conceived by the visionary Austin Osman Spare. This technique is designed to transcend dualities, embrace paradoxes, and tap into your inner reservoir of creative power.

At the core of this workshop lies the Primordial Void Meditation, serving as a portal to boundless possibilities within and beyond. Embark on a guided journey into the depths of the cosmic Void, where limitless potential resides. Immerse yourself in the primordial essence of existence, connecting with the wellspring of cosmic energy. Through guided meditation, you will find the ability to shape your reality and transcend perceived limitations.

Expand your horizons, open your mind, and gain an understanding of Chaos that will enable you to wield its transformative power, reshaping your reality and manifesting your desires.

Join me for this exceptional expedition to unravel the mysteries of Chaos and tap into the wellspring of your creative potential.

Are you prepared to embrace Chaos and redefine your reality?


Hagen von Tulien, originally from Berlin, Germany, is a contemporary artist and practitioner of the occult. With a dedicated journey spanning four decades in the realm of magical theory and practice, he has honed his expertise in crafting art as a means to express and materialize states of heightened consciousness, utilizing it as a potent esoteric tool.

His creative endeavors encompass a diverse range of media, including pen and ink, paper cutting, collage, and digital formats.

Hagen has persistently pursued his spiritual and occult calling, leading him to immerse himself in a rich tapestry of esoteric and hermetic traditions. He ventured deeply into the realms of knowledge and occulture, exploring various systems of yoga, as well as the vast landscape of Western magical traditions and orders.

In the 1980s, he crossed paths with the current of Chaos Magic, an encounter that continued to captivate and inspire him. Throughout the 1990s, Hagen played a pivotal role within the Chaos-Magical Pact of the Illuminates of Thanateros (I.O.T.), serving as its leader in Germany.

Apart from Chaos Magic, he dedicates his time to the study and practice of numerous other occult systems, approaches, and paths.

Hagen also holds the esteemed title of Master-Initiate within the Fraternitas Saturni (F.S.), serves as an empowered adept in the Voudon Gnostic Current (a member of O.T.O.A./L.C.N.), and holds the position of Gnostic Bishop in the Ecclesia Gnostica Spiritualis (EGS). His focus is on profound exploration into the Gnosis of the Saturnian Continuum and Esoteric Voudon. He is also a member of the Esoteric Order of Dagon (E.O.D.).

Hagen actively shares the principles, methods, and techniques of Chaos Magic, primarily through private teachings and rituals, as well as through public lectures and practical seminars. He harmonizes the core tenets of Chaos Magic with the contemporary era, imparting his knowledge and experience to those eager to explore the intersection of magic and art.

For Hagen von Tulien, magic and art serve as the foundational pillars upon which his life and experiences are constructed.