Indrė Labanauskaitė (manyiiiart)

Indrė Labanauskaitė (manyiiiart)


Surrealist Sorceress

I want to bring wild feminist intensity to your imagination.

To catch the ritual of the witching hours, when the rules of reality are upturned; bodies transform into animals, beasts and other creatures. I want you to experience the complicity of it.

Sit down at my ceremonial table and let your imagination feast. My creation is “brewed”: it is a mix of myth and magic.

I want people to understand that bodies are leaky, blurry things, bound up with the world around us.

There is a bestiary within us all, because of the process that binds us together, even if we fail to notice it. In my drawings I want to show unstable bodies, moving between genders, species, life and death.

I don’t want to limit my work with language. I will show you “MAGIC”. Abstract understanding about the world. And magic is what happens, put in short:



Indrė (manyiiiart) has lived throughout Europe including London and Barcelona and is currently residing in Vilnius.

Several years ago she committed to pursuing a path of artistic expression, since then developing her technique of dot and line-work.

Her subject matter explores the 19th Century Surrealist movement, interpreting it through a unique perspective and incorporating ideas of femininity throughout.

Drawing on her architectural background, she also explores spatial relationships and interior structures where her figures exist.

Her Manifesto conveys some of her inspirations and motivations as an artist.