Jake Kobrin

Jake Kobrin


The Art of Jake Kobrin

Jake Kobrin is multidisciplinary artist, primarily known for his psychedelic and esoteric paintings of complex and precise detail. His work explores the interplay of shadow and light, both in the delicate modelling of the forms of his pictures but also in the character of the subjects he portrays, his work showing a willingness to embrace all aspects of emotion from revelation and peace, to fear and disharmony.


A practicing “magician,” his work explores influences from the Occult, Mystery School, and Mystical traditions of Western Esotericism as well as the Eastern spiritual traditions of Buddhism, Hinduism, Animism, and Tantra. He is one of the few psychedelic artists with a formal classical art education, having studied classical realist drawing and painting in Florence, Italy at the Angel Academy of Art. In addition to painting, Jake is also a teacher, podcaster, writer, tattoo artist, musician, DJ, and designer. He currently lives in Ubud, Bali and grew up in the Redwood Forests near San Francisco, California.