Jaqueline Louan

Jaqueline Louan

Jaqueline Louan

The secret kiss of the Sun and the Moon

A loveletter to the Sun and the Moon, the parents of our world. A prayer
to their love, to their dance, that makes everything on earth move and
come to life.


Jaqueline Louan is a Ritualist and Artist and brings in her unique gift
for seeing and elevating beauty in humans and spaces alike.
She weaves threads of enchantment and knows how to spark that flame in
your soul that is here to burn in devotional prayer.
Jaqueline is an artist for the human heart. Her photography rituals
catapult you back to a time when shame was not part of your vocabulary.
She seduces you to sink in deeper into your body and remember that you
are art, your life a ritual, your body an altar, your being a particle
of something so big and so beautiful.