Jessica Grote

Jessica Grote


Hetaera: Live Your Magic

In our contemporary times, many people focus solely on the seeming over the real, on roles limited to particular settings, on social media appearance and aesthetics. This also applies to the world of occultism. Searching for the quick fix, we may often lose sight of what is actually at center of a magical path: transformation of ourselves and our lives, change, becoming.

In this lecture, Jessica Grote will introduce you to the concept and practice of Modern Pagan Hetaerism, a contemporary pathway of eroto-magical living.

She will discuss how to embrace liminality, or the wilderness within, fuse appearance and the real, and turn your life into an embodiment of your magic.  



Jessica Grote practices Cosmic Gnosticism and co-owns Theion Publishing, living in Munich, Germany.

She has been an initiate of the Cosmic current founded by David Beth for almost two decades and is actively involved in its development. This includes her elaboration of Modern Pagan Hetaerism as a magical path, part of which she teaches publicly at The Blackthorne School of Sorcery and Traditional Witchcraft. (will have content from August 1 on). (will be offered again from September 19 so probably still open for enrollment at the time of Occulture)