Jessica Rosset

Jessica Rosset

Jessica Rosset

Astro Herbalism

Astro Herbalism is a holistic approach that combines the principles of astrology and herbalism, recognizing the interconnectedness between celestial bodies and the healing properties of plants. It explores the correlation between plants, astrology, and the influence of planetary energies.

In Astro Herbalism, each planet is associated with specific qualities, energies, and archetypes. These planetary influences are believed to have a direct impact on our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Herbal remedies are then matched with the corresponding planetary energies to support and balance these aspects of our lives.

The association between plants and astrology is established based on various factors, including the plant’s characteristics, medicinal properties, folklore, and historical uses. For example, plants with fiery qualities, such as cinnamon or ginger, are often linked to the Sun or Mars due to their stimulating and invigorating properties. Conversely, cooling herbs like chamomile or lavender might be associated with the Moon or Venus, reflecting their soothing effects.

The zodiac signs also play a significant role in Astro Herbalism. Each sign is associated with specific qualities, elements, and ruling planets. Herbal remedies are chosen based on these correspondences to align with the unique traits and needs of individuals born under a particular zodiac sign. For instance, individuals born under the sign of Aries, ruled by Mars, might benefit from herbs that boost energy and support physical vitality, such as nettle or ginseng.

Throughout this lecture, we will delve into the profound influence of astrological bodies and their herbal counterparts on various aspects of your body-mind-spirit health. You will learn:

– What is Astro Herbalism?
– Herbs of the Sun – We will delve into topics such as sovereignty, rejuvenation, immunity, and the intricate connection between the Sun and your overall vitality.
– Herbs of The Moon – Exploring the mystical realm of the Moon, we will analyse its impact on the pineal and pituitary glands, emotions, digestive system, intuition, and dreams. –
– Herbs of Mercury – Unveiling the realm of mental clarity and effective communication, we will investigate the impact of Mercury on your overall well-being. We will also delve into its role in supporting optimal nervous system function.
– Herbs of Venus – Journeying into the realm of harmony and love, we will explore the profound influence of Venus on your kidneys, lymphatic and reproductive systems. Discover how Venus supports balance and well-being in these areas.
– Herbs of Mars – On an exploration of Mars, we will uncover its effects on your muscular system, motor nerves, adrenaline, ego, independence, energy, and strength. Discover how Mars influences your physical and mental fortitude.
– Herbs of Jupiter – In the expansive realm of Jupiter, we will explore its connection to joy, longevity, immunity, liver function, higher wisdom, and vitality. Gain insight into the profound impact of Jupiter on your overall well-being.
– Herbs of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto – In the final part, we will Investigate their effects on your bones, skin, gallbladder, endurance, and discipline. Uncover the profound interplay between these celestial forces and your overall health.
– Learn recipes and how to create your Astro-remedies.


Jessica believes that the Universe speaks to us in a particular language that is not always easy to perceive and understand. This language is spoken in many different forms – dreams, slips, deja vus, synchronicities, coincidences, and encounters. This language talks about our destiny, our strengths and our weaknesses. Our purpose and path, our experience on the journey of becoming our true higher self. Most of all, this language gives us a lot of information that our consciousness is sometimes not yet strong enough to understand purely and clearly. The Universe talks with us through signs and nature as a medium.

She is a Brazilian Jungian Psychoanalyst, living in London. Passionate about themes like Consciousness, Reality, Time, Sacred Feminine, Herbalism and Symbology, she teaches Astrology, Tarot, and Mythology and promotes women’s circles with various brands in the UK.
Jessica has a BSc in Psychology from the Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie in Brazil, Clinical Practice in Psychodynamic Therapy at SAP (Society of Analytical Psychology) in London and she is currently doing an MSc in Spirituality, Consciousness and Transpersonal Psychology at The Liverpool John Moores University along with a Clinical Jungian Practice & Supervision in Lisbon.