Jose Gabriel Alegria

Jose Gabriel Alegria


On the Artistic Reconstruction of Gnostic Remains

The current talk seeks to provide an insight into the artistic process behind the drawings that reconstruct Gnostic imagery, based both on written and material sources.

A considerable part of Gnostic remains are the gemstone commonly referred to as Abraxas.

Based on the works by CW King and Jurgis Baltrusaitis, who proposed that the gemstones of antiquity played an essential role as iconographic vehicles during the Middle Ages, we wish to illuminate the process behind the artwork, which is one of imaginative reconstructionism. This is a key part of the structure of Jose Gabriel’s latest publication, Iao: Ophite Iconography, but shall also shed light into the modus operandi of his current and upcoming works.


Jose Gabriel Alegria is an Artist and Art Historian, born in Berlin, but who was raised and studied fine arts and art history at PUCP, PerĂº.

He is currently developing his Phd at Stony Brook University NY, as a fellow researcher of the Kunsthistorisches Institut of Florence.

His research and interests include Colonial art, religious iconography, Sanskrit philology and comparative religions.

He has authored and illustrated several books, the most recent being Iao:Ophite Iconography, through Anathema Publishing.