Kat Polar

Kat Polar

Kat Polar

Deeper Layers

“Deeper Layers” is an immersive and multi-sensory live performance that delves into the complexities of identity and self-discovery. The performance is a collaboration between Kat Polar, and Baris Pekcagliyan, a creator of live-generated visuals.

The concept behind “Deeper Layers” draws inspiration from Jungian psychology, which explores the depths of the human psyche and the unconscious mind. The performance acts as a metaphorical mirror, encouraging the audience to confront their own identities and explore the facets of themselves that are often hidden from the world.

“Deeper Layers” is not merely a passive performance but rather an interactive and participatory event. It fosters a shared synergy between the performers and the audience, creating a profound sense of connection and collective exploration. Through this synergy, the performance seeks to create a unique and transformative space where individuals can explore their own subconscious realms and gain insights into their true selves.


Katrine Bregnum, known by her artistic alias Kat Polar, is a multifaceted artist hailing from Berlin. Throughout their artistic exploration as a dancer, choreographer and musician, Kat has been involved in numerous collaborative projects, but it was their solo-artistic venture that allowed them to venture into their own artistic voice.

However, Katrine’s artistic journey took an unexpected turn when they delved into electronic music production. Their fascination with synthesizers, drum machines, and endless sonic possibilities captivated them, and they found a new avenue to channel their emotions and experiences.

In 2017, “Kat Polar” was born – a name chosen to embody the essence of a profound personal experience. During a transformative moment, Katrine underwent an altered state of consciousness that led to the dissolution of their ego, the breaking down of conventional norms, and the shattering of creative boundaries.
Their soundscapes are a fusion of organic and synthetic elements, blending spacious melodies and hypnotic beats and basslines. Each track, they aim to take the listener on a transformative journey.