Kreatress and Jaqueline Louan

Vocare: a Meditation and Invocation of the Elements

Voca in Elementum is a ritual that invokes different aspects, within and without. We will guide a journey of embodiment as we open the Medicine Wheel and work with the elements, channeling and becoming one body with the group. There will be spoken guidance supported by live music by Kreatress with an invitation to use your voice to open the portal. Everything will be interwoven into a photoshoot by Jaqueline Louan. We ask that participants arrive 5-10 minutes early to the space as we will hand out a contract that they need to sign in order to join. Space is limited and participants must wear all black. They will receive the photos via email upon completion of the ritual.


Kreatress is a Vocal Alchemist, Sound Oracle, and Sonic Guide. She midwives people into remembering themselves through opening the portal of the authentic voice. She combines her expertise in Voice (M.M. in Voice Performance) with her experiential data collected over 10+ years of working 1-1 with people to share the medicine she is currently working with. Her methods include Soul Retrieval, Trance Work, Classical Vocal Technique, Diaphragmatic Breathwork, and more. Your voice is the mirror of your life. What can we learn from it and how can we use our voice to alchemize our entire life experience. Kreatress’ live music is dark and ethereal, creating soundscapes into the abyss.

Jaqueline Louan is an oracle of beauty, creation and the body. With her Nude Ritual Photography she opens spaces that allow humans to connect on a deeper level to each other, nature and to soul. Her photoshoots are ceremony of the heart, the body and the soul. In the past she has struggled with body dysmorphia and was completely disconnected from herself. Through photography she could heal her wounds. Now she is dedicated to empower others to follow her along the way. Her spiritual practice includes drum journeying, tarot and dream work and are a big inspiration for her art.

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