Mademoiselle Vendredi

Mademoiselle Vendredi


The Scintillating Servitor : a Workshop in Magician-made Spirits and Thoughtforms

A detailed, in-depth and practical hands-on workshop on the construction of artificial spirits referred to as Servitors, including personal anecdotes, stories and experiences with my own servitors. Personally honed techniques to get them working quickly and effectively. To conclude, I will speak about these spirits’ various uses and advice on how they work in this world, and together as a group we shall create a Thoughtform.




Mademoiselle Vendredi was always a peculiar child. Instead of playing outside with the other kids, she could usually be found buried amongst a pile of books in the Occult section of the local library. Whilst still in high school, she made it her personal mission to unearth the most fabulous, practical magick she could find. Thirty odd years later and magick continues to fascinate her.

Her search for the perfect formula, the precise words of power, has led her to delve deep into many forms of magick, from Chaos to Goetic evocation, Hoodoo, the Shemhamephorash Angels and the Enochian.

Even though magick can be a true wonder to behold and the magickal theory dazzling, she has always firmly believed in practical application in the real world.