Marc Wilke

Marc Wilke


Soulbridge – A modern ritualistic séance

Join Marc Wilke and members of the Rose Circle Berlin (mediumship development circle @thefool_berlin ) for a journey into physical mediumship where we mix spiritualism with ritual magick and animistic folk witchcraft

The séance room becomes our sacred laboratory of manifestation and materialisation as we externalise our inner temple and invite the invisible world in a safe yet potent way. 

Together we will:

  • Conduct a classic glass moving communication session(not Ouija)
  • Engage in a table moving and tipping session 
  • Explore group energy work to allow for spirit touches, whispers, temperature changes and more
  • Experiment with ectoplasm and facial transfiguration
  • Attempt manifestations of resurrection and independent spirit writing / precipitation
  • Allow for direct communication and insightful messages from the other side
  • And much more

Marc will be your expert facilitator with over 8 years of experience in mediumship and séances and over a decade of experience in magick and group ritual. 


Marc Wilke – The Friendly Witch next door. For over a decade he‘s been exploring the occult as a practitioner of western ritual magick, as a private reader & spiritual life coach, as a séance host and facilitator of psychic fun during home parties. With only 23 years his vision is bigger than his age. He wants to show and celebrate the side of occultism that is seldom seen. The fun, the young side. The explorative and charming side.

He will be your expert facilitator with over 8 years of experience in mental and physical mediumship, séances and group ritual.