Mariana Pinzón

Mariana Pinzón


The 8 Circuit Brain Model – A map for Balanced Psychonautics and ChaoSurfing

This map of consciousness serves as a strong foundation for exploring human potential, transformative work and self-realization.

Devised by notorious psychonaut Dr. Timothy Leary in collaboration with fringe philosopher and discordian chaos magician Robert Anton Wilson, it offers a grid for understanding and mapping states of consciousness in the personal and transpersonal realms of human experience.

The inspiration for this model comes allegedly from the Chakra system but operates with the lens of evolutionary psychology and neuroscience rather than the energy model.

Even though much of it does not hold in the scrutiny of state of the art neuroscience, for the magician and psychonaut it does offer a valuable grid for understanding, navigating and integrating experiences of altered states and gnosis as well as a framework for self- and shadow work.

The challenges and practices offered by Robert Anton Wilson and later the filmmaker and mystik Antero Alli around this model allow the psychonaut and magician to engage in efforts of transformation, brain change, and liberation towards more cognitive liberty and nervous system mastery.

This model describes 4 lower Circuits as evolutionary stages of consciousness that develop as survival strategies to satisfy basic needs and make out the grid of conditioning of personal psychology.

The upper 4 Circuits describe evolutionary stages of consciousness that develop after survival needs are satisfied or get activated by initiatory catalysts, yogic or magical practice or psychedelic substances.

Leary and RAW dedicated the work with this model to the project of intelligence increase, since each circuit represents a function of intelligence of the Central Nervous System. The work of Antero Alli focuses more on embodying all 8 aspects of human intelligence.

In this talk I will introduce this model, the different approaches of the first of its thinkers, the three phases of intelligence increase and how I understand it as a basis to practice Balanced Psychonautics. I will also correlate the 8 Circuits to the 8 Colors of Magick and Chaos Magick to what Leary and Wilson called “Metaprogramming”.


Mariana Pinzon practices Chaos Magick as a member of the Illuminates of Thanateros since 2017 and works as a Transformational Coach offering her services to psychonauts and all those who wish to dive into deeper self-knowledge or find new balance to surf the Waves of Chaos.

She supports unconventional humans in embracing states of Chaos as opportunities for personal ®evolution, taking them on to individual and group journeys of self-inquiry and brain-change-challenges.

At the moment she plays with the 8 Circuit Brain Model as a map for Balanced Psychonautics and offers workshops introducing this – in Chaos Magick circles a somewhat popular – consciousness model. She also gives introductory Workshops on Sigil Magick and offers Ritual Play Evenings for folx interested in getting a taste of Chaos Magick workings.

She is also available to tailor individual rituals and ceremonies for different needs and offers herself as Cacao Mama in ceremonies and 1:1 shadow work journeys here and there.

Before embarking on her journey into Chaos Magick she dedicated her time and energy to systemic change in the realms of politics, focusing on secularization and sensible drug policy.

She holds a M.A. degree in Comparative Religion, Philosophy and Political Science from the Ruprecht-Karls-University in Heidelberg.

The Balanced Psychonautics Quest 2022