Martin A. Ciesielski

Martin A. Ciesielski

Martin A. Ciesielski

The Magick of Money

‘Capitalism is just one step in the development of money’. Joseph Beuys.

We are surrounded by money. We spend it, we invest it, we earn it. But what exactly is this entdeity called ‘money’?

We will look into the historic and present forces of money, the arts and rituals it needs to exist. We will also look at how money, this ‘greatest piece of art & magic’, is connected to Gaia, to our actual societal challenges and our individual lives.

The goal of this very interactive 1,5 hours workshop is the collective sharing of our knowledge and wisdom about money as magicians, witches, and other practitioners of the occult.
How do we work with money? What do we use it for?
How can we use the Magick of Money even better and more powerful?

What can be the next steps in developing money and the Magick of Money further – into what?


Worked for American and German banks. He deals with the magic of money since 1995.

For more than 20 years he designs and practices individual and group rituals for a better understanding of the power of money and the poetry and power of nothing.
Martin works internationally as fool & Chaos Magician, writes on his blog trrlblbty about the horror, ghosts, spirits and magic of our everyday lives.

In his early years he was fascinated by the energies and power of theater. Since then, he got in touch with the energies of improvisational theater and the practices of Chaos Magick. He sees himself as an applied cultural and sociological researcher in the fields of religion, magic, economics, theater and arts. Money, as one of the strongest forces mankind ever came up with, stands in the center of his action research – together with the topic of ‘nothing’ (he is the co-founder of the school of nothing).

He lives and practices in Berlin. Contact:

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