Swamp Womb

A journey of separation and unification where body expression and sound develop together reflecting the process of splitting from human condition passing thru the descent, the death and the rise, experiencing a tormented reconciliation toward unity.
In this fusion with the ground, the depth of the unconscious brings humans to reconnect with their ancestral roots: in this listening to the pulse of the Earth they rise and emerge, breathing with it.


OwO OxO is the manifestation of the sound thru body exploration existing in multiple dimensions, sometimes deeply embedding and sometimes just intersecting.

The sound creates the movement and the movement creates the sound in an endless development of research and expression.
A creation made by Letizia Iman and Isnt.
https://vimeo.com/573625628 (the video has been labeled “mature content” due to nudity, if you’re not able to watch it, please use the private link here below and add the password: 23SwampWomb)
https://vimeo.com/731331358 (PW: 23SwampWomb)