Ash Blood Milk

Each of our performances is a meticulously crafted ritual,  designed to immerse participants in a unique and otherworldly atmosphere. Every element within it serves as a gateway to uncharted dimensions, transporting us to realms hitherto unexplored. As we prepare to grace the Occulture Conference 2023, we embark on a transformative journey through mystical soundscapes, drawing inspiration from the ancient rites of the expansive realm known as Iranshahr.

It is a symphony that reverberates with the heartbeat of history, where primal and ethnic instrumentation intertwine in perfect harmony, and where the past and present meld to create a resonant tapestry that transcends time. Our auditory odyssey is a fusion of millennia-old rhythms, infused with the echoes of innumerable years marked by both triumphs and tribulations. It’s as if the very essence of Iranshahr’s enigmatic past courses through our music, guiding us to explore its hidden corners.

Within this ethereal journey, we seamlessly meld the restorative tones of water and wind, carefully distilled from the elixirs of wisdom and artistic expression, harmoniously interwoven with the essence of nature. The cadence of our harmonious symphony converges with the raw, primal essence of trampled earth and raging fire, embodying the very elements that have illuminated the tapestry of history for generations. These elemental forces, rich in symbolism and significance, become a living presence within our performance, a testament to the enduring spirit of human experience.

our presentation extends beyond the realm of sound—it is a multisensory pilgrimage. The celestial dance accompanying our sonic narrative becomes a conduit, channeling energy between realms and transmuting it into a tangible present. This intricate choreography serves as the bridge uniting the known and the enigmatic, the visible and the concealed, the tactile and the intangible. Through these meticulously curated movements, we seek to facilitate a profound communion between the tangible and the unperceived, allowing participants to touch the unseen and hear the unheard.

As the Occulture Conference 2023 draws near, a unique opportunity unfolds to partake in a transformative expedition. The landscapes of history, culture, and mysticism are traversed through the intricate dance of sound, movement, and emotion that weaves together the fabric of our performance. This orchestration defies the constraints of time and space, encouraging participants to collectively journey into the depths of Iranshahr’s ancient mystique. It is within this immersive experience that a renewed sense of connection to the hidden dimensions that envelop our existence may naturally emerge.


Paganland A.k.a Sarmoung emerges as an ethereal manifestation, a vessel of esoteric magic, intricately weaving ancient threads of Iranian shamanic neo-folk music and celestial dance. Conceived in the enigmatic crucible of 2013 by the visionary souls of Charuk and Magus,this mystical journey transcends artistic expression, delving into the cosmic realms of ritualistic transcendence.

At its heart, Paganland pulsates with profound simplicity, an invocation of primordial energies that resonate through the fabric of existence. The cadence of form, the echoing refrain of melody, and the hypnotic pulse of rhythm converge in harmonious unity, guiding the listener through veils of time and space.

Their tapestry meticulously interwoven with diverse artistic mediums transcends the mundane, forging a conduit between the terrestrial and the numinous, orchestrating immersive temporal and spatial journeys, reconstructing sacred ritual ceremonies bridging the chasm between the mortal and the divine.

Ancient breathing techniques and phonetics become arcane incantations, seamlessly integrated into the melodic cadence. Through this alchemical fusion, Paganland channels the essence of forgotten eras, allowing whispers of the past to resonate anew.

The ensemble’s evocative prowess extends beyond the auditory realm. They beckon forth spirits of antiquity, evoking folklore musical fashions that echoed across ancient Iranian landscapes. Resonance of local songs becomes an invocation, a portal through which the very soul of a culture is rekindled.

As twilight descends and the ethereal veil grows thin, Paganland embodies ancients in primal form. Ritual dances, a dance of ages, arise as sanctum of archaic Iranian artistry. Through sinuous movements laden with symbolism, they become a vessel for ancestral memory, preserving and transmitting esoteric wisdom of epochs long past.

In hallowed footsteps of Paganland, one finds not merely a musical and dance ensemble, but a bridge spanning epochs, an ethereal key to unlock mystic depths of a timeless realm.