Peter Horneland

Peter Horneland

Peter Horneland

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A performative lecture on cut-up technique. Consisting of a brief overview of its historical development, with early precedents in divinatory systems, through Dada, to Gysin and Burroughs, to digital cut-up generators, artificial neural network analysis, and future possibilities. Also a fair bit of speculation on its value as a poetic, artistic, and magical tool. An operation is performed on the text as it is read out loud, catching up to and interrupting the reading. The results of this generate the second half of the lecture, eventually collapsing into nonsense.

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Peter Horneland, artist & vitki from Oslo, Norway.

Gathers and digests ideas from guerilla ontology, information technology and ritual magic.

Expressed through participatory performance, rune engravings, digital collage, narrative installation, social practice, and other methods.

Engaged in the ways we map and model our experience and understanding, how we mythologize, and how we influence each other, from the field of marketing to cult initiations, as well as the potential for interacting with randomized reshufflings of our meaning-sets to open up new horizons, as in cut-up technique, dérive, machine-learning experiments, and divination.

MFA from Piet Zwart Institute, Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam. BFA from the National Art Academy in Oslo. SFA from the Aluminum Bavariati Cooperative, Sirius B.