Peter Horneland

Peter Horneland


T∴A∴M™, Five Monkeys, Scalambrax, & Outers



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Five Monkeys

In the book “Competing For The Future”, written by Gary Hamel and C. K. Prahalad, published in 1994, there is a reference to what has since come to be known as the Five Monkeys Experiment.

In short, it describes an experiment wherein five monkeys are observed in a room with a ladder. On top of the ladder rests some bananas. Should one of the monkeys attempt to climb the ladder, all the monkeys in the room are sprayed with cold water as punishment.  – – –

After this condition was understood by the group of monkeys, any monkey attempting the climb would be pulled down by the other monkeys and punished for their behavior, before the water could even start. The external conditioning of the water spray was no longer necessary, and was turned off. At this point the scientists started rotating out the members of the group with new monkeys.


[in collaboration with Oddvin Horneland]

Animated video loop





–  A0, digital prints on polyvinyl chloride


Peter Horneland, artist & vitki from Oslo, Norway.

Gathers and digests ideas from guerilla ontology, information technology and ritual magic.

Expresses these through participatory performance, rune engravings, digital collage, narrative installation, and social practice.

Engaged in the ways we map and model our experience and understanding, mythologize, and influence each other (from the field of marketing to cult initiations), as well as the potential for interacting with randomized reshufflings of our meaning-sets to open up new horizons (as in cut-up technique, dérive, machine-learning experiments, and divination).

MFA from Piet Zwart Institute, Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam. BFA from the National Art Academy in Oslo. SFA from the Aluminum Bavariati Cooperative, Sirius B.