Philip H Horvath

Philip H Horvath

philip h horvath

Demystify, remystify: Magick as a radical path of personal transformation and reality creation

In this immersive workshop, we plunge into the captivating realm of magick, unveiling its immense potential as a catalyst for self-transformation and the creation of the life you aspire to lead. Drawing from age-old wisdom, occult rituals, contemporary psychological theories and neuroscience, we demystify magick, offering a pragmatic approach to wielding its might.

Living in an era of readily accessible knowledge, many are yet to embark on the path of individuation, a journey of self-discovery through magick. This rewarding, albeit challenging expedition, demands a deep commitment to self-transformation, often equivalent to rebirth. As magick practitioners, we confront our deepest shadows, seize control of our lives and its inherent challenges, and constantly reshape our existence.

In essence, magick illuminates the dark corners of our psyche, empowering us to mold our destinies. It’s about envisioning our ideal selves and being unwavering in actualizing this vision. Magick, often misunderstood and misrepresented due to its historical suppression, reveals profound insights to those dedicated to dispelling half-truths and superficialities.

This workshop dives into the fundamentals of magick: intention, imagination, ritual, and will. Intention dictates the purpose of our magickal endeavors, guiding our envisioned outcomes. Imagination allows us to construct these outcomes vividly, shaping the future we yearn to experience. Rituals engrave this future into our subconscious, essential for manifesting our desires. Lastly, will is the force that carries us through the transformation process, making the necessary sacrifices to become our desired selves.

The complexity of life is ever-growing, necessitating more individuals who can harness magick to take charge of their lives, create new realities, and contribute positively to our planet. By consciously practicing magick, you’ll be empowered to craft a better future for yourself and the world around you.

This workshop takes you on a transformative journey, merging science and spirituality, integrating millennia of knowledge and the recent century of magick from Aleister Crowley to Timothy Leary’s and Robert Anton Wilson’s 8 circuit model. Get ready to step into a world where you are the supreme architect of your reality.


With a career spanning several decades, philip has established himself as a powerful bridge between ancient wisdom and the demands of an evolving future. Working with a diverse array of global brands, startups, NGOs, artists, educators, and futurists, he illuminates the essential values, behaviors, and capacities necessary for thriving amidst uncertainty and change.

philip’s approach is deeply rooted in the timeless wisdom of magick and the occult, providing tools for individuation and self-actualization. Over thirty-five years of mindfulness practice, alongside studies in yoga, alchemy, shamanism, transformational psychology, hermeticism and various wisdom traditions, have equipped him with a profound understanding of human potential. He expertly marries these insights with cutting-edge neuroscience, systems theory, and innovative methodologies to guide individuals and organizations towards a future of their own design.

As a partner in LUMAN (, Philip offers immersive transformational experiences to executives and their workforce. His unique blend of pragmatic mindfulness teaching and understanding of magick equips them with the ability to not just prepare for the future but to actively shape it.

A resident of both Berlin and Los Angeles, philip’s influence extends globally as he travels and works internationally. His lifelong dedication to the practical application of magick and occult wisdom makes him a unique catalyst for transformation in individuals and organizations striving for a meaningful and successful future.