Rikrdo Rojas

Rikrdo Rojas


Ars Occulta

Ars Occulta, from the Latin meaning hidden art. Shows you 8 works selected from my visual production that invite you to explore the Occult.

Human Anatomy. Its secrets, its systems, the enigmatic complexity
biological and energetic.

The human body is where we live, here we experience life and it becomes clear to us that we are still far from understand it because it is multidimensional, paranormal; has memory and is constantly modified by ourselves and others through
time and space…


Originally from Mexico, Rikrdo Rojas is an eternal student of the Arts and Sciences.

The current interest of his visual work focuses on Occult Anatomy. In its research, the human body begins to reveal itself as an Entity of advanced bioenergetic complexity that works in the creation of multidimensional realities and still unknown potentials.

Some of the themes that form the Occult anatomy and that influence his drawings and paintings are: Etheric Biomechanics, Kabbalah, Acupuncture, Ancient Mexican Medicine, Chakras and Energy Systems, Origins of the Human Species, Anthropology of the Human Body, Human Design Theory, Paranormal and Psychic Phenomena and others that he is currently investigating.

He has participated in individual and collective exhibitions in Germany, in visionary art festivals such as Ozora Festival in Hungary, Cosmic Convergence Festival in Guatemala, festivals with the visionary art collectives Stargate Tribe in Mexico City, Arte Visionario del Mundo and Mind Revolutions.

Currently he continues to work and exhibit…