Robert Halls

Robert Halls

Robert Halls

Deities – Survival and Progress of Divinity

An avid occultist from the south coast of England specialising  in Deity communication, divination and dream analysis.

After following a swiftly progressing journey mapped out by an unseen force it became very apparent Robert was to be of assistance in bringing deities to those seeking a relationship with them but not knowing how. This allows for direct contact and personalised mentorship under our divine guides and finding patron God’s and Goddesses. Robert has made it his mission to dedicate his life to becoming a bridge between us and them. Promoting awareness to our interwoven reality.


Robert specialises in animal totem work, ancestral magic, veneration and communication utilising his mediumship abilities as well as being an expert in divination using mininal aids to do so and a teacher of the occult.

Instagram: @rhdeityspecialist