Ruben Yon’ton Vucubcame

Ruben Yon’ton Vucubcame

Ruben Yon'ton Vucubcame

Origin Te Yon’ton

“Origin Te Yon’ton”, Rubén takes us on an immersive journey into sound, using Tehotihuacan ritual wind instruments and guided by the beating of the drum, creating a unique and mystical atmosphere.

 The power of sound and its ability to transmute the polarities of being, and invites us to connect with our essence through vibration and resonance.  “Origin Te Yon’ton” is an experience where we can find the healing that comes from the heart.
 In this ancestral philosophy who teaches us that we are part of a whole, that each one of us is a thread in the cosmic web that weaves reality, and that we share the same heartbeat together.  “Origin Te Yon’ton” invites us to remember the origin of that heartbeat, to connect with our essence and find the peace and balance we seek.
 “Origin Te Yon’ton” is an immersive experience in sound, guided by the beating of the drum and voice, which takes us on a Ritual Sound Journey towards our origin, towards the heart, and invites us to connect with the cosmic web of divine creation.  It is a unique and transformative experience, which leaves us with a feeling of well-being and harmony.


Ritual Artist Nahua Indigenous from Anahuac an area that we know today as Arid America and Mesoamerica, born in Central Mexico.

Focused my work on the development of art as a form of healing, from the ancestral Ritual we find the unification.
 The project that develop is in a therapeutic way, now in Europe it is like applying Mexican shamanism in archetypes that this community can link and heal in community for a spiritual, mental and physical well-being.
 The idea of what advances from level to level of consciousness is the inclusion of the content of the experience within a process of exploration.
 Consciousness exists in everything but the human being fragments it and limits it by assigning separation borders, these borders are given by limiting identifications.
 In this way, I connect with adult society that has been limited since childhood and I use art for that self-liberation, regaining confidence in the abilities of being and empowerment, giving the person tools with which they can explore without limit and reinvent themselves every day. without attachment to identification identities such as nationalism, name, gender, all in one and one in all the Origin of the Heart vertex of the cluster of all infinity here and now from the micro to the macro Cosmos.