Saralisa Pegorier

Saralisa Pegorier


“What I found in the dark”

For several years I regularly experience parasomnia phenomena and mainly hypnagogic hallucinations.
These intense night visions are at the heart of my work and often at the genesis of my drawings.

The serie of drawings “What I found in the dark” have a cathartic role allowing me to exorcise my inner torments.

I sometimes hide sigils there in order to increase their power.


Self-taught artist and writer born in 1986 based in south of France.

Black and white is omnipresent in my work, I like to imagine that I weave black ink cloths by superimposing strokes compulsively and amassing small dots in order to give substance to my obsessions.

I address different themes such as possession, sex, invisible presences, fear of nothingness.
My work also revolves around the desire to let go, of a dark and sometimes grotesque eroticism tinged with a certain melancholy but not devoid of humor.

Aesthetically inspired by old engravings, iconography religious and German expressionism I also feed on everything that touches on pre-cinema, puppetry arts, ancient photographic processes,
the grand-guignol and decadent occult practices.

Recently trained in the construction and staging of puppet shows I look to create a bridge between drawing and performing arts.

My work is regularly exhibited and published in collective publications.

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