Seed SistAs – Kazz Goodweather & Fiona Heckels

Seed SistAs – Kazz Goodweather & Fiona Heckels

Seed SistAs

Native Power Plants of Europe – The Witching Herbs –

Nightshade Family Dynamics with The Seed SistAs

– bridging the gap betwixt magic and medicine

Do you talk to plants? We certainly do and some of them literally will not shut up!

Come and have a chat on with two super stars of the plant world, the Solanacea SistAs, they are prepped to bend your ear about all manner of things but they are keen to tell tales of witches, shamans, medicine folk of the globe and their more ethereal practices.

Meet the Hot and Sassy Carolina Reaper-Sol and the Lovely lunar temptress darling Datura these two have plenty to get off their chests when it comes to the current fashion of eliminating the nightshades from the diet – they are quite bemused.

Come meet these fruity Queens and learn all about how an ancient maligned herbal preparation (the witch’s flying ointment) has opened the doors to the reunification of cultivation, health and magic!


Kazz Goodweather and Fiona Heckels are the Seed SistAs. Clinical herbalists of over 20 years with a love and interest in the so-called witching herbs of old. They are passionately potty about plants and total herbal drama queens, enjoying dressing up as plants, creating fun and enlivening online content and playing with all manner of potions.

Allowing the plants to guide them to ever more ridiculous productions, they pass on knowledge about how to learn about the plants that grow around you and to empower yourself to use them as simple remedies in the home.

The Seed Sistas run a community interest company, Sensory Solutions Herbal Evolution, that focusses on planting and supporting community herb gardens and creating empowered, resilient communities that care for their local green spaces.

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