Pranic Energy Healing & Energy Reading

What is Pranic Energy Healing?

Prana is Sanskrit and means ” universal Life Energy”. It is the same as “Qi” in Chinese Language or “Ki” in Japanese. Without Prana, life would not be possible.  Pranic Energy Healing was developed by Master Choa Kok Sui, where he combined the wisdom of different healing systems like Medical QiGong, Yoga, Shamanism etc.

Through the scanning and feeling of a person’s energy, the Healer sees the current energetic situation, including potential disbalances. With a non-touch approach it is possible to clear  blockages and nourish the physical and energy bodies with revitalizing energy (Prana).  This kickstarts the self-regenerating power of the body but also encourages us to let go of old things, so that new ideas and divine energies can take hold. The topics of a session can vary from physical symptoms to mental health or spiritual development.


Serafima is an Artist, Social Justice Activist and Energy Healer based in Berlin. She was always drawn to the workings of community and how to overcome the difficulties in life by coming together and sharing space in a healing way. She explored this in artistic ways and as a social worker, but diving into energy research and spiritual practice really brought things together for her. For about 3 Years now she has been working as a Pranic Energy Healer and helps people understand how to balance their Energies, so a more balanced life is possible.