Soror Horus Pan and Fürst Claas vom Mars

Soror Horus Pan and Fürst Claas vom Mars

Soror Horus Pan-Fürst Claas vom Mars

Jupiter Ritual

The Jupiter ritual consists of traditional Golden Dawn banishings and invocations and a trance technique based on the whirling dance of the Sufis.
The portal into Jupiter’s astral world is his “Kamea,” a symbol created by the sequence of numbers in his magic square.
The goal of the ritual is to experience a communal connection with the powers of the Father of Gods and to gain a personal vision of Jupiter.
The ritual promotes an awareness of the fullness in which we are allowed to live. It supports, as it were, the consciousness of being able to shape one’s own life meaningfully in harmony


Soror Horus Pan studied ethnology and comparative religious studies. She is a self-confessed Thelemite for over 29 years and practices ritual magic.

As a consecrated Priestess of the Gnostic Catholic Church and longtime member of OTO, she brings the philosophy of Thelema into the world.

Claas Hoffmann alias Fürst Claas vom Mars has been intoxicated with Crowley’s Liber AL and Thoth Tarot for 38 years. His publications on Thoth Tarot and Liber AL vel Legis have found a permanent place in the Thelemic community.
Hoffmanns Abraxas-Calendar is a mind-blowing revelation of the forces of the stars on planet earth. His band Time and Space Society is celebrating 19 Years on stage this year.