The Seventh Ray

The Seventh Ray


A Modern Mystery School for Occulture

During this two-hour workshop we will begin with an open discussion about the necessity of a mystery tradition in the modern age and the history, philosophy of the Mysteries in the ancient world.

Will shall explore what remains of mystery
and how mystery serves to enrich our lives. You will then experience an especially curated menu of techniques for altered states from the Seventh Ray collective. A sample of these techniques will include:


Guided Hypnagogic Meditation – Dream Magic : Sarah JanesSarah Janes leads this dream incubation session exploring the potential of the dream to be a form of magical activism, and as a realm to manifest a desiredoutcome.

Dream incubation is an ancient method of cultivating a healing and
revealing dream by ritual, intention and hypnotic suggestion and has been used as a way of faith-healing, ancestral connection and divination for millennia.

The dream is an opportunity to practise life skills, explore interpersonal relationships, refine the psyche and deepen understanding of oneself. In this experiential session you will develop an intention for a specific dream, create your own dream spell and ritual (which can be continued at home), and Sarah will guide you in a hypnagogic meditation to help plant the seeds of your desired dream in your unconscious memory.


Hyperhumanism: Carl Hayden Smith Hyperhumanism is now, more than ever, required to counteract the transhumanist agenda.

Through the use of current technology humans have fallen prey to the digital feed that directs us on how to behave, what to have, what to achieve and what to aspire to. By choosing entertainment over culture, humans are degrading themselves to be part of this feed and as a consequence immediate gratification, confirmation bias and neglect are taking control of us.

Social media technology has been used to subjugate us and capture our attention, this makes it difficult for us to regain our sovereignty over ourselves, and the way we use these technologies.

Hyperhumanism is intended as a wakeup call, to allow us to remember our natural capacity to shift states. These techniques have been explored throughout human history.

Hyperhuman techniques allow us to build new ways of being.


Near Death Meditation -Thanatotherapy : Pascal Immanuel Michael

Pascal Michael leads this musing on life and death and helps you to explore your own personal expectation of the death experience with the aim of releasing some of the fear around death and dying.

A guided visualisation / psychical travelling to engender a near-death-like experience with cosmical & Egyptological proportions – with special accentuation of the phenomenon where one evaluates their life experience and deeds thus far – for the reification of the realisation that one is a Child of the Stars, instilled with a sense of mission within the game that is life


Stealing Sacred Fire – Working with the Watchers: Lena Korkovelou

Behind the layers of shadows surrounding the rituals and practices of many covens and occult groups, especially those of the Luciferian Witchcraft tradition, lies a little-known story veiled in secrecy.

The story of a cult of angels who stole fire, their human companions and acolytes, and the terrible price that comes with daring to stand up and talk back, asking questions and reaching to lift the veil of the mysteries.

Lena will take us on a journey back in time, exploring the lore and symbolism associated with the Fallen Angels or Watchers. She will also share insights from her own personal experience of working with them, as well as a pathworking that combines those insights with insights she has gained from the other current she mainly works with – that of Norse shamanism and runic practice.

This workshop is designed as a taster session to demonstrate the essence of the Seventh Ray mystery school, as it exists today, but you also have the opportunity to co-create the next manifestations of the project because an expanded version of the workshop will be available to participants in the 2 days following Occulture in Berlin.

Participation is via application. Please email stating your interest entering the mysteries, include your date and time of birth :


THE SEVENTH RAY began as a Mixed Reality platform inspired by Mystery School initiation techniques of the ancient world.

The platform employs the latest in perceptual and sensory augmentation technologies to explore the meaning and modern day significance of these ancient ceremonies.

The historic texts provide a formula and the new technologies provide the tools to revive these rites into previously unimaginable formulations.

The Seventh Ray seeks to explore the combined power of drama with the particular state of awareness one feels when they fully inhabit a mixed reality.

Might the MR brain exhibit closer parallels with the ‘book reading brain’ than that of the ‘movie watching’ one? The ancient texts give us a formula; the emerging technologies of VR and AR give us the tools to revive these ancient rites into unimaginable dimensions.

THE SEVENTH RAY COLLECTIVE was formed in 2017 by Carl H. Smith and Sarah Janes to create immersive mixed reality experiences inspired by ancient technologies. Developers Matteø Zamagni, Jose Montemayor Alba and Pablo Bueno Melchor were later brought on board to help design our first experience – THE SEVENTH RAY, A Virtual Initiation Experience.