Tom Banger

Tom Banger

Tom Banger


A randomized prayer

For more than a century, sorcerers and visionaries have applied the cut-up method of Tzara, Gysin, and Burroughs for inspiration and divination. Most practitioners continue to use paper and scissors to perform their permutations, but this Art need not be analog.  Our blades have only scratched the surface of practical ritual applications for cut-up.

Technology adds a whole new dimension to this revelatory art.  Using the digital tools at hand, we can easily permutate speech to text to speech and back again, spell-check spells, then transpose them using translate.  We can weave our words into intricate patterns then use text recognition to render new cadences and formulæ.  Solve et Coagula.

This talk will demonstrate the use of stencils, weaving, and digital capture  to create a digital prayer wheel. If time allows, some of Jeff Noon and Blixa Bargeld’s aleatoric techniques will be folded in.


Tom Banger founded the Temple ov Psychick Youth North America in 1986. TOPYNA published thousands of original occult research, including Television Magick and the first two editions of EsoTerrorist by Genesis (Breyer) P-Orridge. Banger stopped coordinating TOPYNA in 1990 so he could focus on his interest in engineering and technology. When he’s not cutting up texts, Banger divides his time between gardening, cybersecurity, and his family. In recent years, he has presented at events worldwide and had various musings and reflections published in The Fenris Wolf, Rituals & Declarations, and elsewhere. He the Banger half of The Banger and Andrew Podcast.  @tombanger on facebook and instagram.