Ulysses Black

Ulysses Black

Ulysses Black

The Master Ritual: a performance lecture

The Master Ritual is a body of work that encompasses a series of meta-ritual practices and techniques for empowering any rituals. These techniques and disciplines are collected and embedded in a ritual. In effect this is creating a ritual with the purpose of helping its practitioners be more effective ritualists, and consequently, our rituals more effective. Put simply, a ritual to make rituals more effective.
It is the firm belief of Ulysses Black that rituals not only provide personal and social empowerment, but give their practitioners something reality altering. At their heart, regardless of the unique intention behind any individual ritual, rituals are a performance art and technology that create meanings and nurture meaningfulness in the lives of practitioners. This in turn not only helps give us purpose, but enhances the integration of the self into our worlds, which in turn makes our magick more effective. The more effectively and deeply we engage in our rituals, the more accessible their potency becomes. For the magically inclined, this offers practitioners a powerful tool for both transforming the self and the reality around the magician.
The Master Ritual as presented will combine elements of the ritual with a lecture format and will be accompanied with artworks related to the Master Ritual, with some specially prepared materials exclusive to Occulture 2023. 


After 16 years of magical pursuits, a magical breakthrough in 2008 led Ulysses Black to dedicate his life to developing and disseminating practical ideas on the performance of rituals in all shapes and forms for the betterment of practitioners and participants.
To this end, building on an academic background in ritual performance, he now trains prison and hospital chaplains, celebrants and ritual practitioners, he conducts death and life rites in public contexts. He gives lectures, workshops, conducts consultation and writes on the subject of rituals and he develops artworks around the subject, most specifically performance and visual art.
His most recent relevant publication is The Voyage of Ulysses Black which details the live art rituals and ordeals surrounding the integration of his Holy Guardian Angel following the ‘knowledge and conversation’ of the same. He also has an ongoing project The Ritual Lens which explores ‘ritual adjacent’ subjects to see what if anything can be learned and brought back into the field of ritual practice.



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