Yoav Shavit

Yoav Shavit


Tarot and Rune stones readings

Just as we need an external tool like a mirror, camera or reflection to see our full physical body, we also need a tool to perceive our energetic body. The Tarot deck and the Runes serve as powerful reflections of life’s complexities, offering a meaningful framework for self-awareness and exploration.

Let’s dive deep into the realm of human consciousness and experience, gaining a clearer understanding of where you currently stand.

I believe that the answers already reside within us. My role in these readings is to assist you in gaining a better understanding of your questions and finding the insights you seek.


Yoav Shavit is a personal consultant and spiritual facilitator based in Berlin. With a background in both high-tech and the spiritual realm, Yoav has developed a unique practice that merges intuitive-energetic methods with data analysis modules, creating a singular, integrated approach that is customized for each individual person.


Yoav’s practice includes channeling, shadow work, tarot reading, crystal healing, rune stone casting, energetic balancing, past life regression, and therapeutic lucid dreaming. By utilizing these tools, Yoav helps people gain clarity, improve their perception and achieve a state of deeper understanding of both themselves and the world around them.

In addition to his one-on-one counseling work, Yoav also gives sessions for couples and groups, lectures and workshops on a variety of spiritual topics. With long experience in spiritual facilitation, Yoav has helped many individuals navigate their journeys, providing guidance and support along the way.