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Yoav Shavit

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Shadow Work: The Way to Heaven Passes Through Hell

In every story there is a hero and a villain, in your story you are both.

The shadow is a formless entity that takes many faces in our lives. We encounter the shadow in the Tarot deck’s Devil card, we see its aspects in Jung’s archetypes, we find it in our failures and conflicts, in ancient traditions and in pop culture. The shadow is an integral part of the light.

Shadow work is the process that takes place when we start acknowledging the areas in our lives where light does not take place, when we get to know the darker parts of our existence.

Uncovering the shadow is always a complicated process because it reveals issues that are usually not accessible to us, it often makes us doubt who we are and what we believe in. While uncovering the shadow we learn how to cultivate self-awareness and how to practice radical honesty.

However, once we acknowledge and accept our shadow, we gain another piece of ourselves on our way to being whole. By integrating the shadow we enhance our empathy, compassion and curiosity and reach closer to spiritual maturity – a healthy balance between the present and the higher self.

This talk reviews various appearances of the shadow in our lives and presents several approaches to dealing with our shadow in spiritual aspects alongside intellectual and behavioral ones.


Yoav Shavit is a personal consultant and a spiritual facilitator based in Berlin. After years of having one foot in the high-tech world and the other in the spiritual realm, he has developed a unique practice that merges intuitive-energetic methods and data-analysis modules into a singular process.

Among the eclectic tools used in Yoav’s practice are Past Life Regression, Channeling, Therapeutic Lucid Dreaming, Crystal Healing, Energetic Balancing, Tarot and Rune Stone casting.

Alongside personal counseling Yoav also gives workshops and lectures. He is currently expanding his practice in integrative work and Meridian Psychotherapy.